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Mature Galaxies in an Immature Universe

The authors use a deep survey to locate rare galaxies which were among the earliest to form.

Modeling Histories of Star Formation

The authors use a cosmological simulation to characterize the rates at which galaxies form new stars.

Compact Galaxies in the Nearby Universe

Small and massive compact galaxies are some of the hardest galaxies to find, but they could potentially reveal how galaxies evolved in the early universe.

Finding Relics of Galaxy Formation

Could the strange-looking irregular galaxies actually be remnants of the birth of galaxies? This paper demonstrates a method to find such galaxies.

Detecting dark matter with milky way ripples

Using the upcoming Gaia telescope to measure ripples in the Milky Way will allow us to detect the impact of clumps of dark matter on our host galaxy.

Nature versus nurture in the growth of galaxies

Galaxies have more than doubled in size since they first formed, but why?

An example showing a model SED fit to observation

What came before clusters? Protoclusters

A galaxy cluster in the act of forming reveals some interesting details about the lives of galaxies.

Finding Galaxies at the Edge of the Universe

How can we find the distant galaxies that were responsible for bringing us out of the cosmic dark ages?

Reconstructing the histories of our nearest galactic neighbors

TITLE:¬†Comparing the Ancient Star Formation Histories of the Magellanic Clouds AUTHORS:¬†Daniel R. Weisz, Andrew E. Dolphin, Evan D. Skillman, Jon Holtzman, Julianne J. Dalcanton, Andrew A. Cole, Kyle Neary AUTHORS’ INSTITUTION:¬†University of Washington The evolution of galaxies can be investigated in two ways: we can observe galaxies at farther distances to get a picture of […]

Using a Lens to Look Back in Time

Using massive gravitational lenses can help us study the evolution of galaxies over unprecedented time scales.

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