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Astronomical Fashion & Design Gifts from Startorialist

Astronomer & Startorialist blogger Summer Ash brings us a holiday gift guide for the stylish and savvy star-lovers in all our lives.

Happy Birthday Astrobites–a look back at our first four years

Astrobites has a birthday this month. Bear with us as we take a look back at our first four years.

An Astrobites Gift Guide

Want to figure out what to get your favorite astronomer for the holidays? Astrobites has a number of suggestions!

Get your chance at an Astrobites t-shirt!

Don’t forget to fill out our survey and get your chance at a free Astrobites t-shirt!

Astrobites 2014 Survey and Free t-shirt Giveaway!

It’s time for our fall Reader Survey, and we’re giving away free t-shirts this year!

1 week left to apply to write for astrobites!

  This is a reminder that there is still one week left to apply to write for Astrobites! We are seeking new graduate students to join the Astrobites collaboration. Applicants must be current     graduate students. The deadline for applications is 15 October. Please if you have any questions. The application consists of a sample Astrobite and two […]

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Two Weeks Left to Apply to Write for Astrobites

There are still two weeks left to apply for Astrobites!

Apply to be an Astronomy Ambassador

Interested in outreach? Applications are now open for the AAS Astronomy Ambassador workshop at this winter’s AAS meeting.

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Apply to Write for Astrobites

Time right to write? Join astrobites if you dare!

Calling K-12 teachers for the Communicating Science Workshop 2014

Applications for K12 teachers to participate in the upcoming ComSciCon’14 workshop close soon!

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