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Interested in Exoplanets? Astrobiology? Apply now for ERES & AbGradCon2015

Calling undergrads, graduate students and early career scientists interested in exoplanet studies and/or astrobiology to apply for the Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science Symposium and/or the Astrobiology Graduate Conference.

Origin of water in the solar system is interstellar

Water is essential for life, but where does it come from? Read on and learn that a significant amount is inherited from the interstellar medium.

Habitability Whether Rocks Weather or Not?

Habitable zone estimations take the climate regulation of the carbon cycle into account. But are we drawing the edges of the habitable zone too wide?

Could we detect signs of life on a massive super-Earth?

We have one canonical idea of what life looks like on Earth: nitrogen, water, carbon dioxide. But would this be true on another world? When looking for life in the atmospheres of exoplanets, we might want to consider searching for something completely different.

Gamma Ray Bursts vs. All Life on Earth

Asteroids and volcanoes are familiar harbingers of global doom. But what about Gamma Ray Bursts? Is another doomsday lurking?

Searching for Life via Exoplanet Smog

Today’s paper proposes a detection method for technologically advanced life that goes beyond the usual SETI signals: looking at exoplanet atmospheres not just for the presence of life in general, but for the chemical signatures of intelligent life.

Will we find signs of tectonics on Pluto? And what would that mean?

New Horizons will arrive at Pluto in mid-2015. Images of ancient tectonic features on its surface may provide evidence for the existence of an ancient, subsurface ocean.

Exomoons disguised as aliens

Exoplanets with moons could mimic alien life-signs.

How Green Can a Planet in a Resonant Orbit Be?

Planets orbiting close to type-M dwarf stars are in the habitable zone, but if their orbits are in a 3:2 spin resonance, do their long, strange days and nights have a chance of supporting photosynthetic life?

sunrise, somewhere

Prebiotic Skies

In search of a good origin story for the building blocks of life, the authors of this paper have set their sights higher. Literally higher, to exoplanets’ skies.

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