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Planet Formation on a Budget

There does not seem to be enough mass in protoplanetary disks to build the planetary systems we’ve detected. The solution: planet formation might start sooner than previously thought.

Herschel’s View of a Neighboring Planetary System

Herschel provides an updated look at the debris disk in the popular planetary system, Tau Ceti.

Can Planets Maintain Vega’s Debris Disks?

Vega’s system of debris disks can be explained by a series of planets that constantly transport material inwards towards the star.

An Odd Man Out: The Case of 49 Ceti

The disk around 49 Ceti is known to show characteristics of both protoplanetary and debris disks. New observations with Herschel reveal that it is likely a debris disk with gas generated by evaporating comets.

A Universal Clock Skewed by … Asteroids?

We’ve detected planets around pulsars before, but this pulsar has an even stranger signal. Could it be due to an asteroid belt similar to the one in our solar system orbiting it?

Measuring Debris Disks’ True Sizes

Resolved images of debris disks with Herschel reveal their true sizes, and test the assumptions used in unresolved observations.

AU Mic through new ALMA glasses

I’ve got pretty bad eyesight. If I take off my glasses and look at the flowers on my window sill, they look like a fuzzy yellow blob. But with glasses, the petals and the patterns cast on them come into focus. This is how I felt when looking at the new observations of the debris disk around AU Mic. Putting on our ALMA glasses, the fuzzy debris disk around AU Mic is sharpening into something surprisingly consistent with our own Solar System.

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