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More hypervelocity stars are jetting out of the galaxy

Palladino et al. find 13 new hypervelocity star candidates in the galaxy and find they probably do not originate from the center of the galaxy.

Where do hypervelocity stars come from?

TITLE: Supernovae in the Central Parsec: A Mechanism for Producing Spatially Anisotropic Hypervelocity Stars AUTHORS: Kastytis Zubovas, Graham A. Wynn, Alessia Gualandris AUTHORS’ INSTITUTION: Theoretical Astrophysics Group, University of Leicester Hypervelocity Stars In 2005, Brown et al. discovered a star with a radial velocity of ~700 km/s, which is more than 3 times the Solar […]

Hypervelocity stars: what are they running from?

Five new hypervelocity stars have been discovered in the outer regions of the Milky Way. In this paper, the authors discuss what these stars are, how they got so far away, and what their distribution implies about the center of our galaxy.

Shooting Planets

Don’t wish upon a shooting star; wish upon a shooting planet.

Astronomical methods for the year 1 trillion

Update: you can read Avi Loeb and Freeman Dyson’s discussion of this issue in our latest post. Imagine a civilization in our galaxy a trillion years in the future. Astronomers in this society may not know of a universe beyond their own galaxy. At approximately the year 100 billion, all galaxies outside the Local Group […]

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