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Under Further Review

Last week, NASA held the 2014 astrophysics senior review in Washington, the results of which will determine the fate of 11 missions.

First look at NASA’s FY2015 Budget Request

The White House just released its budget request for FY 2015. Looks like NASA will continue supporting its main priorities, but will they sacrifice SOFIA to fund other missions?

Kepler 2.0

The Kepler Space Telescope gets a promising second chance with a new mission called “K2″.

Water in Gale Crater on Mars

The Mars rover Curiosity found significant traces of water in the martian soil. This indicates the soil contains water, about 2% by weight.

What’s Next For Kepler?

NASA is looking for a new mission for the damaged Kepler space telescope. Here are some ideas.

Budget Battle Update: Dueling Visions for NASA

Another day, another fight over the future of America’s space agency. The House and the Senate can’t agree about asteroid retrieval, science funding, and much else.

Kepler light curves are pretty darn precise.

How to Confirm a (Tiny) Exoplanet Candidate

Barclay et al. find a “candidate” planet smaller than Mercury in the Kepler data…will it pass their tests and be confirmed as the smallest known planet?

A Tale of Two Surveys

Decadal surveys are the Bibles of space science policy. How are they prepared? How influential are they?

Reconstructing the orbit of the Chelyabinsk meteoroid

A pair of Colombian scientists has made the first attempt to figure out the meteoroid that exploded over Russia last month.

Wanted: A Strategic Direction for NASA

Does NASA have a strategic direction that guides its priorities and activities? Not a coherent one, according to a critical new report from the National Research Council.

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