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The nearly circular orbits in our solar system, not drawn to scale.

How Weird Is Our Solar System?

Earth and its Solar System compatriots all have nearly circular orbits, but many exoplanets orbit their stars on wildly eccentric paths. Is our home system strange? Or is our sense of the data skewed?

How Green Can a Planet in a Resonant Orbit Be?

Planets orbiting close to type-M dwarf stars are in the habitable zone, but if their orbits are in a 3:2 spin resonance, do their long, strange days and nights have a chance of supporting photosynthetic life?

Orbital Decay of X-ray Binaries

In today’s paper, the authors study how the periods of two black hole x-ray binaries are changing. They find that the periods are decaying faster than expected based on standard theoretical arguments.

How to Drag an Asteroid to Earth

With some assistance from gravity, it is possible with currently-available technologies to bring small asteroids into orbit next to Earth to be studied and mined.

The Fates of Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs

This article considers the fate of planets that orbit stars that will become white dwarfs. Can they survive? Could they be habitable?

Tidal tails of dwarf galaxies on different orbits around the Milky Way

A phenomenological series of simulations of dwarf galaxies placed on different orbits around a Milky Way-like galaxy, in order to learn about the properties (and observability) of tidal tails in dwarf galaxies around our Milky Way.

Mealtime for Sgr A*

Remember that tidal disruption event we talked about earlier this year, where a star got just a little too close to a quiescent black hole? Well, here’s our chance to witness something similar, happening in the center of our very own galaxy!

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