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Seeing Black Holes with a Gas Cloud

The gas cloud G2 is rapidly approaching the galactic center. Can tidal disruption events with stellar remnants help constrain its orbit?

The Infamous Galactic Center Source G2: Gas Cloud or Star?

In this paper, the authors use near-IR imaging and spectroscopy to determine if G2, a galactic center source about to approach our galaxy’s supermassive black hole, is a gas cloud or a star.

Interpreting Radio-Silence

Do all tidal disruption events produce jets? This paper tests the hypothesis that they do!

Asteroid vs. White Dwarf

What happens when an asteroid and a white dwarf (WD) meet? The asteroid doesn’t get the better end of the deal — and the WD might end up with a brand new debris disk.

A Star Screams While Being Devoured by Black Hole

If there was a cosmic play with the universe as its stage and the celestial bodies as its actors, undoubtedly there would be one character more notorious than the rest; a villain feared by all: the infamous Black Hole. They are truly the things of nightmares, and for one little star out there, that nightmare came true.

The feeding habits of supermassive black holes

One possible way to directly infer black hole properties is by observing the sort of event discussed in today’s paper: the tidal disruption of an individual star after a close approach to a supermassive black hole.

A New Animal in the Transient Zoo

A theoretical study of what we can expect to see when a hot Jupiter crashes into its host star.

Sgr A* Snacks Between Meals, Too

Small daily flares are observed from the black hole in the center of our galaxy. The authors of this paper propose the flares are due to Sgr A* frequently snacking on asteroids!

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