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Disk Detective: The Newest Astronomy Citizen Science Project

Finding circumstellar disks in the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer data is a tough job, but fortunately our brains are even better suited to the task than computers! You can help by lending your pattern-recognition skills to Disk Detective, the Zooniverse’s newest citizen science project.

DSS = Digital Sky Survey; DENIS = Deep Near IR Survey of the Southern Sky; 2MASS = 2 Micron All Sky Survey

Checking Out Our New Neighbors

A new brown dwarf system has been discovered only 2 parsec away; Gillon et al. analyze its light curve to study clouds on the surfaces of these stars.

Finding T Dwarfs with WISE

With the addition of these 87 new T dwarfs, WISE has now tripled the number of known T dwarfs with spectral type later than T5.

The WISE way to deal with 2.7 million images: a public data release

The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) data release promises many new and exciting discoveries!