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Groups and clusters: who turned off the AC?
Elisa Chisari Elisa Chisari 1 day ago

Gas in clusters is predicted to cool quickly, but observations suggest otherwise. What prevents the… Read More

Searching for Signs of Plate Tectonics in Polluted White Dwarfs
Joseph O'Rourke Joseph O'Rourke 6 days ago

Astronomers hope to get lucky and discover the first evidence of plate tectonics on a planet besides… Read More

Can Icelines Explain Uranus and Neptune?
Nick Ballering Nick Ballering 1 week ago

A new hypothesis posits that the ice giant planets formed between the CO and N2 icelines in the Sola… Read More

Star Formation on a String
Korey Haynes Korey Haynes 2 weeks ago

What's causing the "beads on a string" pattern of star formation around this interacting galaxy pair… Read More

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