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Tracing cosmic siblings in the Milky Way

Using data obtained from surveys of stars in the Milky Way and some clever programming, it is now possible to find stellar siblings scattered throughout our Galaxy, and thus obtain invaluable information on its evolution.

After Super-Earth (Formation)

Will Smith and his son Kitai are back in this highly anticipated, totally unexpected sequel and this time, they’ve crash landed on a Super-Earth. Surviving won’t be easy, but it might be even harder for the planet’s atmosphere.

A Rock Of Unusual Size

It seems that whenever we have a fact about exoplanets nailed down, an exception will quickly crop up. The authors of today’s paper claim to have spotted a planet over twice the diameter of the Earth, made from solid rock.

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Roundup: #aas227 #hackaas Hack Day

What do you get when you put astronomers in a room with their computers and tell them to work on small, interesting projects? A hack day! Here is a rundown of what we accomplished during the hack day at the 227th AAS Meeting. From bits of python code to new citizen science projects to crafty sewing endeavors, hack day has something for everyone.

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