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A Faint Black Hole?
Josh Fuchs Josh Fuchs 1 day ago

The authors report the discovery of perhaps the faintest black hole x-ray binary. But this conclusio… Read More

Forming Stars in the Stream
Andrew Emerick Andrew Emerick 2 days ago

Orbiting our galaxy are many smaller dwarf galaxies. As they orbit, some of these galaxies produce v… Read More

Mugged by a Passing Star
Erika Nesvold Erika Nesvold 6 days ago

A close encounter with another star can disrupt the protoplanetary disk of a young star, leaving a s… Read More

Can planets and stars spin in unison?
Ruth Angus Ruth Angus 7 days ago

The orbits of some recently discovered exoplanets seem to be synchronised with the rotation of their… Read More

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