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A New Way with Old Stars: Fluctuation Spectroscopy
Suk Sien Tie Suk Sien Tie 2 days ago

Astronomers use models to derive properties of individual stars that we cannot directly observe, suc… Read More

Real-Time Stellar Evolution
Meredith Rawls Meredith Rawls 3 days ago

Sometimes, stellar evolution happens on more human timescales—tens to hundreds of years rather than… Read More

Could we detect signs of life on a massive super-Earth?
Natasha Batalha Natasha Batalha 4 days ago

We have one canonical idea of what life looks like on Earth: nitrogen, water, carbon dioxide. But wo… Read More

ASASSN-13co: A Type-Defying Supernova
Caroline Huang Caroline Huang 6 days ago

There are arguably a lot of things defy categorization, but it's not everyday that we find something… Read More


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