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Have we really found Earth 2.0?

Last month Nasa announced, in what seems like a roughly annual event, the discovery of “Earth 2.0″. Described as a “Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth”, Kepler 452b is the first small planet (defined here as less than twice the radius of the Earth) to be in a roughly one year orbit around a Sun-like star.

But is it otherwise that similar to the Earth? Is it potentially habitable? To try and answer that, let’s look at the discovery paper.

Galactic Interlopers

We’re attempting to map the universe in fine detail at its largest scales in 3D. Meet the astrophysical rouges that seek to upend our goal, and the tools we need to weed them out.

Gone Without a Bang

Failed supernovae result in massive stars disappearing into the night sky without a trace. Although many stars may meet this fat, we’re just beginning to look for them!

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