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Potential Planets in the Bulge

Five candidate exoplanets have been found! Read this bite to find out if there are aliens on them! Just kidding… but today’s paper does cover how these candidates were found as well as their potential properties.

The Stuff of Stars

I attempt to summarize what some astronomers have called “undoubtedly the most brilliant Ph.D. thesis ever written in astronomy.”

A change in the tides

For tightly packed exoplanet systems, tidal force from other planets may be a significant factor to consider.

Beyond astro-ph

Astronomy beyond the research

Mauna Kea and Modern Astronomy

In light of the October 30 ruling on the Thirty Meter Telescope, a review of modern astronomy on Mauna Kea seems warranted. This post came out of the Astrobites Policy Committee, which focuses on science and the government.

Navigating careers in astronomy

Career advice

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