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Testing micro with macro – from quantum to the cosmos

Quantum mechanics describes the unimaginably small, whilst Cosmology explains the unfathomably big. How the Universe blew up from one to the other is a question we think we’ve understood with the theory of inflation. But just how good is our picture of quantum mechanics? Today’s authors show that we can now use cosmological results to test our quantum framework.

The Biggest, Baddest Quasar of Them All

Today’s authors have discovered the biggest, baddest quasar in all the land: J2157-3602. Don’t let this quasar’s numerical name fool you – it is home to the fastest growing black hole yet discovered.

Astrobites at AAS 232: Day 3 and Day 4

We report on Day 3 of the summer AAS meeting in Denver, CO. Highlights include a look at the triumphs of helioseismology, discussions on merging galaxies, and a new way to weigh the Milky Way.

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Astrobites at AAS 232: Day 2

We report on Day 2 of the summer AAS meeting in Denver, CO. Highlights include recent studies of interstellar molecules, updates on Boyajian’s Star, recent developments in Astrobites’ education projects, precision astrophysics for exoplanets, stars and the Milky Way!

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