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Astrobites welcomes proposals for guest posts, particularly from graduate students and other early career researchers. Guest posts should be ~800-1000 words and can be on any topic of interest to the Astrobites readership, including summaries of research papers, personal experiences, instructional pieces like software tutorials, and career advice for students.

Astrobites will only consider unsolicited guest posts about the author’s own research work when submitted by undergraduate students.  Interested undergraduates: please visit our page on submitting undergraduate research.

Please contact [email protected] to submit a proposal. The proposal need only be a few sentences describing yourself and your chosen topic. Guest posts are edited by members of the Astrobites collaboration for content and style.

If the submitter is affiliated with the authors of a paper they are writing about, we require a disclosure in the article. If summarizing a paper, please check if the paper in question has already been written about on Astrobites (try searching for the first author’s surname on our website) as we won’t be able to publish duplicate posts.

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