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Along for the Ride: Entrainment in Jets

What happens when an astrophysical jet moving at enormous speeds plows into the gas and dust around it? Some of that matter gets dragged along for the ride — and according to this author, this process could create the two different types of jets that we see.

Dangers to Life from GRBs

Looking for something fun to consider today? Try this on for size: what happens to life on Earth if a gamma-ray burst points at us from within our own galaxy?

Designing a Self-Steering Spacecraft

As we push spacecraft to the edges of our solar system and beyond, it gets harder and harder to navigate them from Earth. But what if spacecraft could steer themselves, using observations of pulsars? Read on to find out how!

CMZ termination shock

Blowing Bubbles from Our Galaxy

What causes the giant radio and gamma-ray bubbles inflated from our galactic center? This paper provides another good argument for star formation as the culprit.

Is the Moon polluting your gamma-ray data?

I’m going to go ahead and give away the punchline: the answer to this post’s title is, “If your source is within 8 degrees of the Moon, quite probably.” — at least according to this paper’s authors. Read on to find out why!

A Universal Clock Skewed by … Asteroids?

We’ve detected planets around pulsars before, but this pulsar has an even stranger signal. Could it be due to an asteroid belt similar to the one in our solar system orbiting it?

Into the Void

Voids in the cosmic web are observed to be contain large-scale magnetic fields … but it’s unclear how this happens. In this paper, the authors suggest two possible explanations.

Interpreting Radio-Silence

Do all tidal disruption events produce jets? This paper tests the hypothesis that they do!

Does this disk make my collapse look brighter?

What happens when a neutron star collapses into a black hole? What kind of signal could we expect to see? These theorists have some ideas…

Asteroid vs. White Dwarf

What happens when an asteroid and a white dwarf (WD) meet? The asteroid doesn’t get the better end of the deal — and the WD might end up with a brand new debris disk.

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