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Kepler 2.0

The Kepler Space Telescope gets a promising second chance with a new mission called “K2″.

Engineering at the SOAR Telescope in Chile

I recently participated in an engineering trip to the SOAR Telescope in Chile, where I helped with numerous maintenance and upgrades for the Goodman Spectrograph.

What’s Next For Kepler?

NASA is looking for a new mission for the damaged Kepler space telescope. Here are some ideas.

Dust in SPACE: Studying the growth of planetesimals with a suborbital rocket experiment

By sending a chamber of dust on a suborbital ballistic rocket, the authors of this paper hope to find out how planetesimals form.

AR Coating with a Silicon Dicing Saw

Anti-reflection coatings aren’t just for your glasses — telescope lenses need them too! Here we look at a new technique for reducing reflections in lenses made of silicon.

Recap of the IAU Planet Formation Symposium

Highlights from the International Astronomical Union Symposium on “Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems”.

Cosmic Rays from the Telescope Array

An array of cosmic ray telescopes in western Utah is determining the origin of the most energetic particles in the Universe.

Designing a Self-Steering Spacecraft

As we push spacecraft to the edges of our solar system and beyond, it gets harder and harder to navigate them from Earth. But what if spacecraft could steer themselves, using observations of pulsars? Read on to find out how!

Closing In on the Epoch of Reionization

An array of dipole antennas in South Africa’s Karoo desert offers the best limit on the power spectrum of the Epoch of Reionization.

Astrobites on the Ice, Part 5: South Pole Station

I’m spending a month at the South Pole working on a CMB telescope. In this last post, we tour South Pole Station and run a race around the world!

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