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How Green Can a Planet in a Resonant Orbit Be?

Planets orbiting close to type-M dwarf stars are in the habitable zone, but if their orbits are in a 3:2 spin resonance, do their long, strange days and nights have a chance of supporting photosynthetic life?

Gaia: The New Kepler?

There’s a new space telescope on the block, which just might find as many new planet candidates as the Kepler mission.

The Frequency of (Habitable?) Planets Around M dwarfs

The census of planets for smaller stars—M dwarfs—is now basically complete. In this paper, Courtney Dressing and Dave Charbonneau use this M dwarf advantage to determine the occurrence rate of small planets around M dwarfs.

Plots of absolute magnitude versus spectral type and r-z color from Figure 3 of Bochanski et al. 2011

How bright are low-mass stars?

In everyday life, measuring distances is easy. In astronomy, however, accurate distance measurements are complicated by a whole host of factors. These authors are improving methods to determine the distance to small M Dwarf stars.

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