Write for Astrobites in Spanish!

We are looking for enthusiastic students to join the “Astrobites en Español” team.

Requirements: Preferably master or PhD students in physics or astronomy, fluent in Spanish and English. We ask you to submit:

  • One “astrobito” with original content in Spanish (for example, something like this). You should choose a paper that appeared on astro-ph in the last three months and summarise it at an appropriate level for undergraduate students. We ask you that it is not in your specific area of expertise and we allow a maximum of 1000 words.
  • A brief (200 word maximum) note, also in Spanish, where you explain your motivation to write for Astrobitos.

Commitment: We will ask you to write a post about once per month, and to edit on a similar frequency. You would also have the opportunity to represent Astrobitos in conferences.  Our authors dedicate a couple of hours a month developing material for Astrobitos.

(There is no monetary compensation for writing for Astrobitos. Our work is ad honorem.)

If you are interested, please send us the material to [email protected] with subject “Material para Astrobitos”. The deadline is July 31st, 2015, but we will keep the call open until we fill 5 positions. We will let you know whether your application was successful at the end of August. Thanks!

About Elisa Chisari

I am a research fellow at University of Oxford. My current research focuses on the intrinsic shapes and alignments of galaxies. Aside from cosmology, I love roller skating, tango and going to the art museum.

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