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Here at Astrobites, we want you to read our bites!

Why read Astrobites?

Reading a technical paper from an unfamiliar subfield is intimidating. It may not be obvious how the techniques used by the researchers really work or what role the new research plays in answering the bigger questions motivating that field, not to mention the obscure jargon! For most people, it takes years for scientific papers to become meaningful.

Our goal is to solve this problem, one paper at a time. In 5 minutes a day reading Astrobites, you should not only learn about one interesting piece of current work, but also get a peek at the broader picture of research in a new area of astronomy.

For more information about our site, check out our About Astrobites page.

Reaching out to Budding Astronomers

Every year, there is a new crop of undergraduates who are starting out in college or university and want to pursue a career in astronomy. Most, if not all of them, still do not know about Astrobites.

We would love to reach out to each of them personally, but with hundreds of great places to begin studying astronomy around the world, we cannot be everywhere at once. That is where you can help! You can tell the undergraduates in your department about Astrobites!

One way you can help us out is by putting up Astrobite posters on bulletin boards in your department. You can also circulate them through email.

Here is a pdf version of one of our latest posters:

Figure 1. Astrobite poster. Click here for a pdf.

Spread the word

Have you put up posters in your department? Show us that you did. Take a picture and share it on social media, while tagging us @astrobites.

Something more?

Do you want more than just posters? We will have some new advertising materials (and more interactive methods) coming soon!

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