New Authors for 2019!

We’ve now completed our annual hiring round for 2019, and are very excited to be welcoming 18 new authors to the astrobites team. We’re pleased to announce that the authors joining us in the new year are:

Aaron Pearlman, California Institute of Technology
Briley Lewis, University of California
Bryanne McDonough, Boston University
Charles Law, Harvard
Ellis Avallone, University of Hawai’i
Haley Wahl, West Virginia University
Jenny Calahan, University of Michigan
Jessica May Hislop, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
Jamie Wilson, Queen’s University Belfast
John Weaver, University of Copenhagen
Kier Birchall, University of Leiciester
Kaitlyn Shin, MIT
Kate Storey-Fisher, NYU
Michael Foley, Harvard
Oliver Hall, University of Birmingham
Sunayana Bhargava, University of Sussex
Spencer Wallace, University of Washington
William Saunders, Boston University

Keep an eye out for their posts in the new year.

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