New Authors for 2021!

We’ve now completed our annual hiring round for 2021, and are very excited to be welcoming 22 new authors to the astrobites team. We’re pleased to announce that the authors joining us in the new year are:

Alex Gough, Newcastle University
Alice Curtin, McGill University
Catherine Clark, Northern Arizona University
Catherine Manea, University of Texas at Austin
Ciara Johnson, University of Leeds
David Gooding, University of Oxford
Graham Doskoch, West Virginia University
H Perry Hatchfield, University of Connecticut
Jana Steuer, University Observatory Munich (USM LMU Munich)
Katy Proctor, University of Western Australia / ICRAR
Katya Gozman, University of Michigan
Lili Alderson, University of Bristol, UK
Macy Huston, Penn State
Olivia Cooper, University of Texas at Austin
Pratik Gandhi, University of California, Davis
Roan Haggar, University of Nottingham
Ryan Golant, Columbia University
Sabina Sagynbayeva, Stony Brook University
Sasha Warren, University of Chicago
Suchitra Narayanan, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Institute for Astronomy
Viraj Karambelkar, Caltech
Zili Shen, Yale

Keep an eye out for their posts in the new year.

Also, it looks like we dropped the ball on welcoming our new authors in 2020. Oops! We’re pleased to retroactively announce the 21 authors who joined us in 2020 were:

Abygail Waggoner, University of Virginia
Alex Pizzuto, University of Wisconsin-Madison / IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Alison Crisp, Louisiana State University
Anthony Maue, Northern Arizona University
Ashley Piccone, University of Wyoming
Brent Shapiro-Albert, West Virginia University
Gloria Fonseca Alvarez, University of Connecticut
Huei Sears, Ohio University
Ishan Mishra, Cornell University
James I Negus, The University of Colorado Boulder
Jamie Sullivan, UC Berkeley
Jason Hinkle, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
Laila Linke, Bonn University / International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy & Astrophysics, (Bonn & Cologne)
Lukas Zalesky, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
Luna Zagorac, Yale University
Mitchell Cavanagh, University of Western Australia (ICRAR)
Rosanna Tilbrook, University of Leicester
Sumeet Kulkarni, The University of Mississippi
Wei Yan, Dartmouth College
Wynn Jacobson-Galan, Northwestern University

We hope you have enjoyed their posts this year.

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  1. Looks like a list of future leaders of the AAS, FRAS & IAU, etc.


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