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More hypervelocity stars are jetting out of the galaxy

Palladino et al. find 13 new hypervelocity star candidates in the galaxy and find they probably do not originate from the center of the galaxy.

The Fate of the Milky Way

HST measurements of stellar proper motions in M31 reveal that the Andromeda galaxy is in radial (head-on collision) orbit towards the Milky Way. The huge strike will happen 4 billion years from now according to the simulations. It will likely affect also the environment of the Sun and the location of the solar system.

Plots of absolute magnitude versus spectral type and r-z color from Figure 3 of Bochanski et al. 2011

How bright are low-mass stars?

In everyday life, measuring distances is easy. In astronomy, however, accurate distance measurements are complicated by a whole host of factors. These authors are improving methods to determine the distance to small M Dwarf stars.

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