Top 5 Last-Minute Astronomy-Themed Halloween Costumes

Oh crap!  It’s Halloween night and you don’t have a costume, because you’ve been inside doing astronomy all week!  What should you do!?  Never fear: Astrobites has got your back.  (P.S. Got a good astro Halloween costume? Post it in the comments!)

Top 5 Last-Minute Astronomy-Themed Halloween Costumes
5. Neutrino: Arrive early to the party. Speak to no one.
4. Dark energy: Lurk in the background until the end of the party, then take everyone’s stuff and fling it across the lawn.
3. Unit vector: Wear a hat.
2. Cosmic microwave background: Wear a tie-dyed shirt. Stand behind people and hum until they notice you.
1. Cosmic ray: Draw a helium nucleus on your forehead, then leap in front of everyone else’s photos.  Bonus points for a running start!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Astrobites!

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I'm a graduate student at the University of California - Santa Cruz, working with Stan Woosley on simulations of supernovae. In the past I've tinkered with gamma-ray astronomy, galaxy evolution, exoplanet detection, and instrument design. I like supercomputers, aircraft, observing runs, loud techno, and videogames. I am on an unending quest to develop the nerdiest joke in the world. You can find me on Twitter at @GravityAndLight.

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