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For the past year, astronomers Summer Ash and Emily Rice have been scouring the web for all things space when it comes to clothes, accessories, and furnishings and posting them to their blog: Startoralist. They post about everything from astronaut nutcrackers to galaxy painted Doc Martins to nail polish inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson, but they especially try to highlight designs directly related to the Universe as we know, love, and study it.

We at Astrobites invited Summer to create a holiday gift guide for the stylish and savvy star-lovers in all our lives. Here are her top picks:

Snuggle up with your favorite planet in the comfort of your own bed with these Celestial Buddies.


There’s a moon and a comet but no Pluto. Sick burn.

When ever your data starts getting you down, punch the Universe back with amazing throw pillows by Dia Misuraca.


Cuddle up with NGC 2403.

What’s it like to eat dinner on Mars? We don’t know, but with these solar system plates you can at least eat dinner off of Mars.


Eat your astronaut ice cream in style.

Show your planet love on your feet with these socks from MoMA. Choice of Earth, Venus, or Jupiter.


Venus socks keep your feet toasty, but not at a realistic 450 C.

Prefer your socks to be a little bit out there? These universe socks should do the trick.


The average temperature of the universe is 2.73K. These socks will keep your feet warmer than that.

Cosmic Converse let you strut around and in the Universe at the same time!


This shoe runs half a size large. Perhaps because of inflation?

Pretty much everything from the Lost in Space Etsy store is amazing, but we especially love these “spacelet bracelets” (also customizable).


No word on if you can customize Pluto into a planetary bangle.

Portable and wearable telescope for the astronomer that is always observing.


Make sure you find some good dark sky.

Swatch watches inspired by the celestial sphere.


Accuracy may be relative.

Space up your daily look with these specialty hair bows.


These are also available as bow ties!

Or with these awesome scarves from Slow Factory featuring real NASA Images.


10% of your purchase goes to help refugee women in the Middle East.

While one Milky Way is high over your head, another can be hanging from your neck.


This original illustration is adapted from an 1822 star chart.

Let everyone know how “Hubble Gotchu” with this graphic print HST tee.


Hand screen-printed!

If you have any future plans of hitchhiking through the galaxy, you probably need one of these backpacks from SprialUK.


Shipping world-wide!

And if you really want to dress the part, you’ll need a proper “space suit” like these from ShadowplayNYC.


Shirt + scarf for your full-coverage nebula print needs.

Follow Startorialist for more amazing finds like these year-round on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Summer Ash is the Director of Outreach for Columbia University’s Department of Astronomy. She is also the “In-House Astrophysicist” for The Rachel Maddow Show and tweets as @Summer_Ash

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  2. Was just watching StarTalk and Emily mentioned this blog. Had to find it. Thanks for bringing it all together.


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