Astrobites on the arXiv

If you are a regular subscriber to astro-ph, you might have noticed the following article about Astrobites cross-listed there in last night’s listing:

Title: Preparing Undergraduates for Research Careers: Using Astrobites in the Classroom
Authors: Nathan E. Sanders, Susanna Kohler, Elisabeth Newton, the Astrobites collaboration
First Author’s Institution: Harvard University

This is an article recently published in the Astronomy Education Review, a publication of the American Astronomical Society (the published article is available here). We discuss how the Astrobites website can be used in the classroom to introduce undergraduate students to modern research practices and findings.

We outline strategies that educators can use to integrate Astrobites into their curriculum, such as inviting students to write their own research paper summaries or by using the Astrobites website as a forum for discussing methods and new results.

If you’re an educator, we hope you will find these strategies useful, and we welcome your feedback.

About Nathan Sanders

I am a graduate student in astronomy at Harvard University. I’m particularly interested in how galaxies have changed over time and the chemical evolution history of the universe. I’m currently working with Alicia Soderberg on observations of supernovae and their host galaxies; investigating how massive stars explode and enrich the interstellar medium. I graduated from Michigan State University in May, 2010.

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