Astrobites at AAS Indianapolis: The return of “One-liners”

Astrobites is again at the American Astronomical Society’s summer meeting, this time held in Indianapolis, IN today June 3 through Thursday June 6. We have two exciting announcements regarding our presence at the conference.


Astrobites One-liners from AAS Press Conferences

At AAS Long Beach, Astrobites began a new coverage format: live tweets from Oral Sessions, with one tweet for each talk. In Indianapolis we’re taking this idea into the press conferences. Stay tuned to our twitter feed (@astrobites) at 10:15 am and 2:15 pm Monday June 3, 2:15 Tuesday June 4 and 12:45 Wednesday June 5 for the latest astronomical discoveries in 140 characters or less!


Astrobites presents first ever Oral Presentation at AAS

If you’ve attended a AAS meeting in the last 3 years you’ve probably seen our posters (and perhaps eaten our cookies). This meeting I will be presenting a talk on Astrobites in the Astronomy Education and Public Outreach Session on Tuesday, June 4 from 10:00-11:30 (the talk is only 5 minutes long, and will be toward the end of the session). If you’re in Indianapolis, come check it out in room 116 at the convention center.

About Chris Faesi

I am a fifth-year graduate student at Harvard University, where I study star formation within molecular clouds in nearby galaxies using radio interferometry with my thesis advisor Dr. Charles Lada. I am also a founding organizer of ComSciCon and long-time astrobites administrator. I graduated from Indiana University in 2011, and hold bachelor's degrees in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, and Dance Pedagogy.

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