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Do you think outreach is an important part of our jobs as scientists? We hope so! Do you want to learn more about how to effectively communicate science with the public and work with people who can teach you how to have a real impact in your community?

The AAS Astronomy Ambassadors program is now accepting applications for a workshop at this winter’s AAS meeting! We’ve discussed the Astronomy Ambassadors program before: check out Zack’s argument about why this program is so important, and if you’d like to learn more about what to expect, you can read Meredith’s and Allison’s accounts of the things they learned when they participated in the inaugural workshop.

The Ambassadors program is particularly seeking early-career astronomers who are interested in outreach but not necessarily experienced. So, don’t be discouraged if you haven’t had many opportunities to share science with public audiences. This workshop is perfect for you.

Read the official invitation from the AAS below, and click here to apply!


Astronomy Ambassadors Workshop for Early-Career AAS Members

The AAS Astronomy Ambassadors program supports early-career AAS members with training in resources and techniques for effective outreach to K-12 students, families, and the public. The next AAS Astronomy Ambassadors workshop will be held 3-4 January 2015 at the 225th AAS meeting in Seattle, Washington. Workshop participants will learn to communicate more effectively with public and school audiences; find outreach opportunities and establish ongoing partnerships with local schools, museums, parks, and/or community centers; reach audiences with personal stories, hands-on activities, and jargon-free language; identify strategies and techniques to improve their presentation skills; gain access to a menu of outreach resources that work in a variety of settings; and become part of an active community of astronomers who do outreach.

Participation in the program includes a few hours of pre-workshop online activities to help us get to know your needs; the two-day workshop, for which lunches and up to 2 nights’ lodging will be provided; and certification as an AAS Astronomy Ambassador, once you have logged three successful outreach events. The workshop includes presenters from the American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and the Pacific Science Center.

The number of participants is limited, and the application requires consent from your department chair. We invite applications from graduate students, postdocs and new faculty in their first two years after receipt of their PhD, and advanced undergraduates doing research and committed to continuing in astronomy. Early-career astronomers who are interested in doing outreach, but who haven’t done much yet, are encouraged to apply; we will have sessions appropriate for both those who have done some outreach already and those just starting their outreach adventures. We especially encourage applications from members of groups that are presently underrepresented in science.

Please complete the online application form by Monday, 20 October 2014.

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