Astrobites in Spanish goes live!

The Spanish version of Astrobites has now gone live right there.  We are thrilled about this project and we hope you are as well!

While there is a strong presence of astronomy news and blogging in English on the web, we feel that bringing Astrobites to the Spanish speaking community will be a great way of sharing all the exciting news of astronomy with an even larger community. Astrobites has always been dedicated to summarising the day-to-day research of astronomers in the most accessible manner possible. Our aim is to bring aspiring young scientists up-to-date with the latest news and tools in astronomy, and to provide career guidance. Astrobites en español shares these goals, and will provide Spanish translations of Astrobites articles, as well as its own original material, with a frequency of roughly one post per week. So stay tuned and happy reading!

Astrobites en español is written by a group of Astrobites alumni and we are happy to welcome new enthusiastic members, Manuel Marcano and Marcel Chow-Martínez. You can find the current list of authors here. We are grateful to Nathan Sanders for helping us with carrying this project forward and building the site, and to the whole Astrobites team for allowing us to translate their posts into Spanish.

About Elisa Chisari

I am a research fellow at University of Oxford. My current research focuses on the intrinsic shapes and alignments of galaxies. Aside from cosmology, I love roller skating, tango and going to the art museum.

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  1. Will copies of the Spanish Astrobites articles be available in English?

    • Hi Zoey. Astrobites in Spanish features translations of English Astrobites to Spanish, and it will also eventually feature original content. Having English translations of the original posts is not currently in our plans, but we will consider your suggestion!


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