Astrobites takes over Reddit – June 11


Visit to create an account, and submit all your questions to tomorrow’s “Ask Me Anything“.

Exciting news! Starting tomorrow (Thursday June 11), Astrobites will be hosting a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” on /r/science! The thread will go live at 8 AM Eastern, and Astrobiters will be responding to your questions by 1 PM.

For those unfamiliar with the site, Reddit is a social networking / discussion site. Users can post questions, images, or other discussion starters, which can then be replied to and up/down voted to spread awareness of interesting issues. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

One of Reddit’s main forums (known as “subreddits”) is the science page called /r/science. Each day, /r/science sponsors a scientist (or group of scientists) who inform readers about who they are, what they specialize in, and then tell Reddit to “Ask Me Anything” (AMA). Throughout the day, Reddit users submit questions to the scientists, and the AMA posters respond to as many as possible.

Starting tomorrow at 8 AM, you’ll be able to join the AMA and ask questions to the Astrobites team! We’ll send out an update with the link to the AMA when it goes up. Please pester us with any questions you have about astronomy, physics, grad school, or academia in general. We’ll be happy to answer them all. Just don’t forget to Upvote!

About Ben Cook

I'm a second year astronomy grad student at Harvard and currently study the merger and accretion histories of galaxies in simulations. I'm also interested in data science, and how machine learning can be used in Astronomy. I received my bachelor's degree from Princeton, where my senior thesis investigated the distribution of baryons in a large range of dark matter halos.

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