New authors!

We are very excited to announce that we have a number of new authors joining our team!

Thank you to all who applied; we had a record number of people interested in this completely volunteer position.  The new crop of authors will continue our core tradition of high-quality paper summaries as well as the many other outreach aspects of our site.

We welcome:

Benny Tsang, University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Lovell, University of Sussex

Elisabeth Matthews, University of Exeter

Gourav Khullar, University of Chicago

Ingrid Pelisoli, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Joanna Bridge, Pennsylvania State University

Joseph Schmitt, Yale University

Kelly Malone, Pennsylvania State University

Leonardo dos Santos, University of Sao Paulo

Matthew Green, University of Warwick

Michael Hammer, University of Arizona

Mara Johnson-Groh, University of Victoria

Paddy Alton, Durham University

Steph Greis, University of Warwick

Zephyr Penoyre, Columbia University

Their posts will start appearing soon!

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