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We are looking for enthusiastic students to join the “Astrobites en Español” team.

Requirements: Preferably master or PhD students in physics or astronomy, fluent in Spanish and English. We ask you to submit:

  • One “astrobito” with original content in Spanish (for example, something like this). You should choose a paper that appeared on astro-ph in the last three months and summarise it at an appropriate level for undergraduate students. We ask you that it is not in your specific area of expertise and we allow a maximum of 1000 words.
  • A brief (200 word maximum) note, also in Spanish, where you explain your motivation to write for Astrobitos.

Commitment: We will ask you to write a post about once per month, and to edit on a similar frequency. You would also have the opportunity to represent Astrobitos in conferences.  Our authors dedicate a couple of hours a month developing material for Astrobitos.

(There is no monetary compensation for writing for Astrobitos. Our work is ad honorem.)

If you are interested, please send us the material to [email protected] with subject “Material para Astrobitos”. The deadline is November 1st, 2016. Thanks!

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    • Yes – Astrobites is a nonprofit organization.

  1. Hi! Is for only astronomers? How about journalist enthusiastic of space and astronomy themes? Thanks! Greetings from Chile.

  2. Why not expand the opening to be more inclusive? You might get lucky and snag a retiree with years of experience!

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! We will definitely consider extending our next call to other applicants.


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