New Authors for 2017!

You might have seen some new names popping up around the site recently! We’ve now completed our latest round of hiring, and are pleased to announce that the new authors joining our team are:

Amber Hornsby, Cardiff University
Bhawna Motwani, California Institute of Technology
Eckhart Spalding, University of Arizona
Emily Sandford, Columbia University
Jamila Pegues, Harvard University
Joshua Kerrigan, Brown University
Kerrin Hensley, Boston University
Lisa Drummond, University of Melbourne
Mara Zimmerman, University of Wyoming
Maria Charisi, Columbia University
Mia de los Reyes, University of Cambridge
Nora Shipp, University of Chicago
Philipp Plewa, Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
Sam Turnpenney, University of Leicester
Shang-Min Tsai, Universität Bern
Thankful Cromartie, University of Virginia

Keep an eye out for more of their posts soon!

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