Announcing the launch of the newest Bites Site – ImmunoBites!

This is a a guest cross-post announcing the launch of the new site!

Immunology is fascinating, and we need to share it in ways that are straightforward, accessible, distilled to its essence, and plugged into the big picture.

We have a twofold mission and publishing model: comprehensible basic immunology and capsule reviews of current research and discovery.

Our Immunology 101/201 series focuses on short summaries of the basic principles and mechanics of immunology. Covering everything from “What is an Immuoglobulin” to the principles and flavors of cytokines, it strives to give those new to immunology (or looking for a refresher) a quick reference. Written by our founding editors, this section is a handy reference and refresher on basic immunological terms and systems.

Our Capsule Reviews series focuses on new and interesting research in immunology. Featuring summary reviews of current research, our Capsule Reviews series presents summaries of hypothesis-driven research studies, with commentary on methodology, analyses, and conclusions.

Immunology is a complex, fast moving, and intense field of study. Immunological underpinnings can be found in most fields of research, but especially those involving the biological sciences. Keeping up with advances and discoveries in this field can be challenging, but keeping new discoveries in context with immunology as a whole is nearly impossible. Or, it is for any one person. Thus: Immunobites.

Call for writers!

The newly-launched ImmunoBites is looking for writers! ImmunoBites is on a mission to take the complexities of the fast-moving, exciting field of immunology and make them accessible for anyone looking to keep up. To this end, we are generating content that lays a solid foundation in immunological concepts (Immunology 101) as well as feature comprehensive reviews of current research and discovery in the field (Capsule Reviews).

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals with some background in immunology who are interested in writing for ImmunoBites’ Capsule Reviews series! In our CapReviews, we identify new, exciting research in immunology from recently published work and distill them into an accessible format for non-experts. These features include summaries of hypothesis-driven research studies, with commentary on methodology, analyses, and conclusions. Each writer will select topics of their interest and work with a peer editor to publish the work on our website. Writers choosing to contribute here will practice information synthesis, critical analysis, and the summary of complex information.

If you’re looking to get your feet wet with some science communication, this is a great opportunity. No prior SciComm experience necessary! Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information!

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