New page: Guide to science policy!

On Astrobites, we usually write about awesome research being done. But how exactly does it get done?

There are lots of nitty gritty details behind basic astronomy research: Who decides what instruments to build or which projects get funding? How does the government play a role? How do astronomers govern themselves? How do current events (political, financial, cultural, or otherwise) affect astronomy?

These are the kinds of questions we’ll try to answer with our new science policy posts. We’re working with the American Astronomical Society’s Bahcall Public Policy Fellow to bring you new content about science policy about once a month.

For our first post, check out our Guide to Science Policy page (link below)! This guide outlines some of the main questions about science policy, how it works, and how it affects astronomy. As we write more posts, we’ll update the guide with links to each new post.

We also welcome guest posts, so please feel free to submit a post if you’re interested!

Guide to science policy

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