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We at Astrobites have been thinking a lot about our collaboration and who we are. We realized that we’re really good at advertising ourselves as a sci-comm resource for undergrads, and while that’s still our primary goal, that’s not all we are. Ask any of our authors about their favorite part of being in Astrobites, and odds are they’ll say it’s the people. We often hear comments like “I love being part of this collaboration,” or, “I love that we’re a voice for positive change in our community.” We’d like to better show you this side of us, the people that make Astrobites happen.

In line with that goal, we’re introducing a new series, “Astrobiter: X.” In each post, an Astrobites author will share a story about their experience as a graduate student or their path into astronomy. To our graduate student colleagues, we hope that our series provides reassurance that your experience is valid.  To our undergraduate readers especially, we hope that our stories offer you a more realistic vision of graduate school and all that it can be. To everyone, we hope that this series highlights the concerns and experiences of current graduate students (us!), and offers you a more complete picture of who we really are.

Thank you in advance for reading our stories.

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