New Authors for 2022!

We’ve now completed our annual hiring round for 2022, and are very excited to be welcoming 20 new authors to the Astrobites team. We’re pleased to announce that the authors joining us in the new year are:

Abigail Lee, University of Chicago
Aldo Panfichi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Ben Cassese, Columbia University
Carolin (Lina) Kimmig, Heidelberg University
Clarissa Do O, University of California, San Diego
Evan Lewis, West Virginia University
Isabella Trierweiler, UCLA
Jessie Thwaites, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kayla Kornoelje, University of Chicago
Konstantin Gerbig, Yale University
Lindsay DeMarchi, Northwestern University
Liza Sazonova, Johns Hopkins University
Mark Popinchalk, CUNY Graduate Center/AMNH
Mary Lynne Saade (Lynnie), UCLA
Maryum Sayeed, Columbia University
Roel Lefever, Heidelberg University
Sahil Hegde, UCLA
Sarah Bodansky, University of Massachusetts Amherst
William Balmer, Johns Hopkins University
Yoni Brande, University of Kansas

Keep an eye out for their posts in the new year!

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