Latinx Heritage Month Recap

September 15 – October 15 was Latinx Heritage Month! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of our previous bites showcasing the work and experiences of Latinx astronomers. And remember, you can always depend on our sister site Astrobitos for great astronomy content in spanish! 

Interview with Stephane Werner

by Clarissa Do O 

Stephane is a PhD student at the University of Nottingham. She grew up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and works on galaxy formation and evolution.

headshot of Prof. Hector Arce for AAS 240

Interview with Dr. Hector Arcé

by Pratik Gandhi

Dr. Arcé is a professor of astronomy at Yale University and grew up in Puerto Rico. This interview was written ahead of his plenary lecture at AAS 240 on the Arecibo Observatory. 

An aerial image of the large primary dish for Arecibo Observatory

Article on the Arecibo Telescope

by Bryanne McDonough and Haley Wahl

This was Astrobites’ tribute to Arecibo right after it was decommissioned in November of 2020. The bite discusses the history of the telescope and its most famous observations. 

Image Credit: University of Central Florida

Interview with Dr. Ronald Gamble

by Mark Popinchalk

Dr. Gamble is an Afro-Latino astrophysicist. He works at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on black holes. This interview was also a feature for our #BlackInAstro series. 

Interview with Dr. Lia Medeiros

by Clarissa Do O

Dr. Medeiros is a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study. She is from Brazil and is part of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration. 

Image is of a couple stargazing. At the lower left corner of the photo there is a small elevated patch of tall grass sitting atop a hill of what could be sand, and the silhouettes of the couple are in front of this hill. As the image moves from left to right the hill flattens and becomes what could be sand. In the lower left side of the image behind the small hill there is a soft light in the background that is a blueish-gray, and the rest of the photo is dark with bright stars dotting the image. The couple is standing very close to each other and their bodies appear to be facing the sky with their backs turned towards the viewer. The person on the right stands shoulder-height to the person on the left, and is pointing up towards the sky. The person on the left is looking up and is wearing a backpack.

Personal Experience Piece by Monica Vidaurri

Monica is a PhD student at Stanford University. In this article she shares the ups and downs of her journey through science. 

Featured Image Credit: Astrobites

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