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We are looking for enthusiastic students who would like to join the “Astrobites en Español” team.

Requirements: (Preferably) Master or PhD students in Astronomy or Physics fluent in Spanish and English.

Commitment: We will ask you to post an article every month in our website, and to edit articles by other authors roughly with the same frequency. You will also have the opportunity to represent Astrobites en Español at conferences. Our authors typically spend a couple of hours a month developing material for Astrobites en Español.

(There is no remuneration for writing for Astrobites en Español. Our work is ad honorem.)

For the selection process, we require the following materials:

  • An original Astrobites en Español article. You should choose a manuscript that has appeared on astro-ph in the past three months and summarize it in Spanish at a suitable level for undergraduate students. Please avoid writing about your own subfield of study, and avoid choosing an article previously covered by our team. You should include a relevant plot with a caption describing it. You can structure your article following recent Astrobites en Español articles. Please restrict to less than 1000 words.
  • A brief note (less than 200 words) explaining your motivation for joining the Astrobites en Español team.

You should submit your material to [email protected] with subject “Material para Astrobitos”. This call will remain open until December 20, 2022, although we welcome applications throughout the whole year.

Applications from minorities and under-represented groups in STEM are particularly encouraged.

If you have questions, you can contact us at [email protected].

About Elisa Chisari

I am a research fellow at University of Oxford. My current research focuses on the intrinsic shapes and alignments of galaxies. Aside from cosmology, I love roller skating, tango and going to the art museum.

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