Astrobites at AAS 241: Welcome!

This week, Astrobites and AAS Nova are attending the American Astronomical Society (AAS) winter meeting in Seattle, WA, and online.

AAS Nova Editor Kerry Hensley and AAS Media Fellow Ben Cassese will join Astrobites Media Intern Zili Shen and Astrobiters Macy Huston, Briley Lewis, Yoni Brande, Pratik Gandhi, Graham Doskoch, Mark Popinchalk, Ali Crisp, Isabella Trierweiler, and Ryan Golant to live-blog the meeting for all those who aren’t attending or can’t make all the sessions they’d like. We plan to cover all of the plenaries and press conferences, so follow along here on or on! You can also follow @astrobites on Twitter for the latest updates.

Where can you find us during the meeting? We’ll be at the Astrobites booth in the Exhibit Hall all week — stop by and say hello! In addition, you can catch Zili, Ben, and Kerry at the press conferences all week.

You can also catch us at several sessions throughout the meeting:

Astrobiter Briley Lewis will give a talk during the Resources and Education Research for Introductory Astronomy Courses session titled “Effects of Popular Science Writing Instruction on General Education Student Attitudes Towards Science: A Case Study in Astronomy” on Monday, January 9, from 10:20 to 10:30 am PT (program number 115.03). Briley will also speak during the ExoExplorers special session titled “Early-Career Perspectives on the Intersection of Exoplanet Science and DEIA in Astronomy” on Tuesday, January 10, from 2:45 to 3:00 pm PT (program number 255.04).  Briley’s talk, “Considering Disability and Accessibility in Astronomy,” will describe “challenges faced specifically by disabled astronomers in our field, share personal experiences with accessibility and creating accessible events (e.g., planetarium shows accessible to blind and d/Deaf audiences), highlight the work of leaders in accessibility in astronomy, and make recommendations for how you can contribute to accessibility.”

Astrobiter Ryan Golant is co-leading the AAS National Osterbrock Leadership Program (NOLP) splinter session from 2:00 to 3:30 pm PT on Tuesday, January 10. You can also read the astrobite Ryan wrote about the program last month.

In the meantime, you can read the currently published AAS 241 keynote speaker interviews here. Be sure to check back all week as the remainder are released!

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