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Newer Horizons Beyond Pluto

New Horizons is going to reach Pluto in July, 2015. What happens after that?

Welcome to Mars, MAVEN and MOM!

Meet Mars’ two newest moons, MAVEN and MOM.

Hide and Seek Planets

Is CoRoT-7d real, or is it stellar activity masquerading as a planet? Haywood et al. build a noise model to analyze CoRoT-7’s activity to find out.

Beyond Chi-Squared: An Introduction to Correlated Noise

A common measure of the quality of a fit is the chi-squared statistic. While common, implementation of this statistic assumes uncorrelated noise, which is much less common. Today, we discuss how to deal with noise that is correlated and why it’s important.

The Spitzer Space Telescope: An Uncertain Future

Ten years after launch, financial problems may mean the demise of the Spitzer space telescope. Today, we review its history and discuss its possible future.

The Strange Naming Conventions of Astronomy

Let’s face it: some astronomical systems don’t make any sense. Join us for a look at the history of some of these terms, as we try to understand why stellar spectral classification and the magnitude system work like they do.

Under Further Review

Last week, NASA held the 2014 astrophysics senior review in Washington, the results of which will determine the fate of 11 missions.

A Planet for Every M Dwarf Star?

A recent result on the commonality of exoplanets has made headlines, but has it for the right reasons?

A star with a fake ID?

Most binary stars probably formed at the same time, meaning all stars in the same system should have the same age. The authors of this paper analyze a stellar binary system where one star appears to be lying about its age, as one star appears 3 billion years older than its companion.

A (Literal) Look Back in Time

Astronomers are used to “looking back in time” when they view distant stars and galaxies. The authors of this paper take a different look back in time and search the internet for evidence of time travelers.

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