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About Jessica Donaldson

I am a graduate student in the Astronomy department at the University of Maryland, College Park. My research interests include exoplanets and planet formation in circumstellar disks. Currently I work on observations of gas poor debris disks, the dusty remnants of the last stages of planet formation. I work with Aki Roberge at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center using mostly space-based observatories to characterize the dust.

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  1. Just wanted to point out that saying this planet has no atmosphere at all may not be true-some believe that it may be possible the planet harbors clouds of silicate material, essentially giving it an atmosphere of vaporized rock.

  2. one little errata: sin(0) = 0 — for “perfectly aligned” I think you mean that the orbit axis is 90 degrees from our line of sight so i = 90 and sin(i) = 1.


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